Reasons Why Children Should Learn about Sustainability

Reasons Why Children Should Learn about Sustainability

By: Bobby Chen

In the current world of technology and innovation, most children no longer play outside or ride bikes around their neighbors. Instead, they are either on Roblox, TikTok, or YouTube. As a result, many children do not learn sustainable habits, and as they grow up, they cannot care for the planet they live in. This blog will highlight multiple reasons to teach your kids about sustainability.

1. Habit Building: Learning about sustainability as a kid is not only fun but also sets them up for success in the future. Children build their habits as they age from 4 to 7, and building sustainable practices not only gives these children the ability to be eco-conscious of their world, but they will know how to care for the planet through their actions.

2. Outdoor Learning: Teaching your kids about sustainability promotes outdoor and nature interactions–something most kids lack today. By keeping that connection with nature, kids will be able to appreciate animals, plants, and trees; this will make them more empathetic as they will learn to care for other living things around them.

3. Generational Change: If kids grow up understanding the importance of a healthy planet and sustainable habits, they will pass their practices on to their kids. They will also be willing to spend the extra money, if they are able, on sustainable products. This chain will work towards alleviating many problems relating to the health of our planet.

4. Adaptation to Future Trends: Through changes like global warming, food insecurity, and extreme weather patterns, children who grew up learning about sustainability will know how to react to these changes. With outdoor knowledge, they will have the ability to grow their foods and know prevention measures to combat extreme weather and the consequences that come with it.

5. Economic Benefits: Sustainability habits lead to a better economy as the costs of
resources are reduced due to them being used more efficiently. For example, by reducing waste, less money can be spent on disposal costs and be expended to solve other pressing issues in the world.

All these reasons should prompt parents to educate their children about sustainability and investing in eco-friendly products. Not only do these habits allow your children to become the next leaders of the world, but they will also make the Earth a better place for future generations.

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