• Noah Sorin - Founder/CEO

    Noah is an avid environmentalist from Montgomery, Vermont. After growing up on a farm and then moving to Boston, Noah decided to devote himself to spreading sustainability education to the wider global community. He is now attending Boston University studying sustainable impact in entrepreneurship.

  • Shumita Littlefield - Illustrator

    Shumita has always been drawn to children’s books, toys, art, and other media. Conceptualizing and illustrating fictional characters and creatures has been an enduring hobby for her. Through her illustrations she hopes to fascinate and inspire children, and excite imaginations.

  • Aliaa Bringas - Designer

    Aliaa is an Industrial design student at RISD focused primarily around sustainability and human centered design. Born and raised in Vermont, with a passion for the outdoors, she is always striving to make the planet a healthier and happier place in a fun and interesting way!

  • Mackenzie Farley - Social Media Coordinator

    As someone who hopes for a sustainable future, Mackenzie believes that teaching children about the environment is crucial for creating a future generation that understands and values our planet. From her experience, she has found entertainment to be an engaging medium for children.

  • Xiyao Kang - Marketing Assistant

    Making impact on sustainability problems may seem challenging, but “many a little makes a mickle”: we can start from something simple, and if everyone keeps doing this, even simple things can make a great difference. Xiyao believes sustainability education is a way to solve this problem, by teaching kids every small effort makes an impact.


  • Selma Austeng - Growth Coordinator

    Selma hopes to inspire children to become more aware and responsible so that we can maintain the beautiful planet we have. Teaching our future generation about sustainability is important because it empowers a sense of personal responsibility in kids. Introducing these concepts in the right context makes all the difference in this age range.

  • Ram Shrivatsav - Business Development and Market Research Coordinator

    Ram believes that in todays climate, care for the environment is something that needs more attention. The generation ahead needs to be educated on the importance of the preservation of our planet. Idori's is something admirable and if seen to fruition will sculpt young minds with an affinity towards green practices and adopt a sustainable lifestyle. We all need to do our bit to help this tiny blue and green planet we call home.

  • Yu-Ting Huang - Sales and Outreach Coordinator

    Yu-Ting's passion for children's education started in high school when she founded a nonprofit organization in Taiwan to teach children who are underprivileged  online with a website called https://infvolunteer.org/Home/. Over the past years, she has helped over 50 children and recruited over 200 volunteers in Taiwan, and now she is looking to create even more impact through Idori.

  • Katherine Ota - Head of Behavioral Research

    After moving from Tokyo, Japan to St. Johnsbury, Vermont as a 15 year old girl, Katherine quickly learned to value and care about Earth's environment. Urban design is beautiful in its own way, but the purest beauty in the world will always be from mother nature's paintbrush. Nothing reflects the harmony and beauty of our universe like a pitch perfect sunset over some rolling ocean waves.

  • Wayne Wang - Game Designer and Developer

    Wayne has been concerned about the harmful effects of climate change since he witnessed a forest fire decimate a small town in British Colombia called Lytton. He was surprised by the lack of urgency he saw to fix this problem, so he's now devoted to spreading awareness on the importance of sustainability.

  • Ananth Sanjay - Software Engineer

    Ananth is deeply passionate about the environment and sustainability because he believes that it is our job to protect and preserve our planet for future generations. He believes that the first step in preserving the planet is to educate children on the environment in a fun and engaging way.